Long Term Care — Planned For It?

Typically, the first time someone calls me it is because they need a Will or other estate planning documents.

In the course of our initial consultation, I ask lots of questions, some of which is intended to draw out what their plans are for making sure their care needs are taken into consideration as they age – no matter where that may be — at home, with family or in a facility.

The second situation in which I’m usually called is when there is already a medical emergency or event and it is basically to late to do any planning for long term care – it’s a matter of stanching the flow of money and resources and that is sometimes just not possible.

Recently, the New York Times published a great piece on Long Term Care Insurance and you should read it whether you have Long Term Care Insurance or not.  This is relevant if you are yourself reaching an age when you are concerned about your care, if you are a “planner” and need some insight into how these things work, or if you have aging parents and are trying to figure out how you are going to finance their care.

One shortcoming in the NYTimes piece is that it doesn’t cover the role that an attorney can play in planning for long term care. For that, you will have to call me.


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