Gelbman Law is growing!

I am very excited to announce the addition of two new team members at Gelbman Law PLLC! I made the decision to hire a second attorney to help out with my increasingly large workload. In addition, I brought on an intern to keep both attorneys in line.  I could not be happier with my choices. … Continue reading Gelbman Law is growing!

A Graceful Life – Long Term Care Planning

Need to get started planning for Long Term Care? Here’s an easy way to start thinking about it. Listen to my recent guest stint on WINA 1070 AM and 98.9 FM with Jeanne McCusker and her Saturday a.m. program “A Graceful Life” You can listen to the podcast here: A Graceful Life

Laws that You Should NOTICE and CARE About

The title of this post is a play on words, but you won’t get it unless you read this entire thing. For a change, this attorney is going to be talking strictly about the law. Today I’m writing about some NEW laws that directly affect the community of older adults and their caregivers. I’ll try avoid … Continue reading Laws that You Should NOTICE and CARE About

Assisted Living – What to Look For? What to Avoid?

Recently, a friend of mine, who works in this field, asked, “how do I advise friends and clients who are in the uncomfortable position of having to choose a new home for mom or dad?” First of all, I want to point out that there are several other choices besides Assisted Living Facilities (“ALF”) and … Continue reading Assisted Living – What to Look For? What to Avoid?

Nursing Homes, Assisted Living or…some alternative?

I’ve written a lot about the process of choosing an Assisted Living or a Nursing Facility or other alternatives. Actually what I’ve typically written about is the lack of choice we have in such matters and that most of us arrive at that weigh station through a medical crisis with a parent or loved one … Continue reading Nursing Homes, Assisted Living or…some alternative?

Mother & Daughter – Assisted Living Time

There are days – most days – that I really love what I do.  Working with older folks and their families can be a very rewarding and joyful experience. Those days, for example, when I get to tell an older couple, fallen on tough times and who are having many medical issues and who have … Continue reading Mother & Daughter – Assisted Living Time

Going Home for the Holidays? Help Them Stay Safe, Healthy and Independent

This week, we discussed it. My brothers and sisters. My mother. It’s our time. Is wasTime for THE Talk. No, no, no! Not the birds & bees talk!  It’s time to look for ways we can keep my increasingly frail mother safe, healthy and as independent as possible. Not in her home, alone, anymore.  We … Continue reading Going Home for the Holidays? Help Them Stay Safe, Healthy and Independent

How Old is Elder?

For you newcomers, you should know that some of my writing is only tangentially related to legal subjects. That is because my practice, while specifically focused on Elder LAW is really about elder ISSUES.  Many of the problems brought to me have less to do with the law than with family dynamics, institutional bureaucracies and … Continue reading How Old is Elder?

The Use and Abuse of Antipsychotic Drugs in the Elderly

The use and abuse of antipsychotic drugs, particularly in the elderly, is a widespread problem. Physical restraints are generally illegal, especially in the aged and frail because it is so easy injure them using physical bed restraints (tying them to the bed!) They have frail bones and its easy to tear their delicate skin. Not … Continue reading The Use and Abuse of Antipsychotic Drugs in the Elderly

Sibling Wars: Power of Attorney (POA)? Or Responsibility?

I frequently get calls that start out like this: Me <answering phone>: “Hi, this is Doris” Caller: “Uh, hi. Is this the lawyer’s office?” Me: “Yes, how can I help you?” Caller: Oh, uh…(gets over surprise that lawyer answers her own phone) Can you tell me how much you charge for a PoA?” <Power of … Continue reading Sibling Wars: Power of Attorney (POA)? Or Responsibility?



SAVE THE DATE – Aprill 16, 2012 Annual Caregiver’s Conference

Just a heads up to mark your calendar NOW. Details as they are posted here:

Wills & Trusts Program at Charlottesville Senior Center

Here’s one of the few ways we had to publicize things before we had blogs and social networking sites to post things on:

Sr. Center Marquis

Honored to be invited to speak at Senior Center on the third Tuesday of EVERY month.  This month we are doing a closer look at Wills & Trusts.   Hope you’ll come and bring a friend.

BTW: I have a friend that lives nearby the Senior Center. He calls that area — Greenbrier Dr., Pepsi Place and Hillsdale Drive “death valley” because of all the companies and agencies located there for old folks (my friend is 90, he can call it whatever he wants). Just to name a few of the agencies in that vicinity: JABA, JABA Care Advantage Home Health, Branchlands (independent living) Our Lady Of Peace retirement community, Rosewood Village Assisted Living, The Laurel (nursing/rehab), The Alzheimer’s Association. And of course, the Senior Center. But it is FAR from folks waiting for the inevitable. It is a vibrant, active community where it’s possible to watch the deer and wild birds outside your window and then take an easy walk over to the mall.

 Charlottesville is a GREAT place to retire!


11/20/12– More on Wills, Trusts and Probate

You asked for it, you got it. A more in depth discussion on estate planning and the probate process.

Why would you want to “avoid probate?”

Do you need a trust? Why?

What are some other strategies for settling my estate?

What if I don’t have very many assets? Do I need a will at all?

Do I need a lawyer to write my Will?

All those questions and much more will be answered!

Free! Open to the Public